Dear PowerMentor,

    As we embark on a transformative chapter at FraserNet and my presidency, I'm excited to share the evolution of our flagship event, now known as the PowerNetworking™ Experience & Expo 2024 (PNEx2024). Set for July 10-13 in Charlotte, NC, PNEx2024 expands our scope to include diverse sectors like film, TV, tech, media, and publishing.

    New Focus:

    • Evolution of PNEx2024: This rebranding signifies a leap into a future rich with diverse opportunities and achievements.
    • Your Crucial Role: Your expertise will play a key role in this enriched and diverse event, promising collaborative success and innovation.

    New Brands:

    • Embracing Inclusivity: Introducing PowerNetworking™ Men, Women, Couples, and Millennials, each highlighting unique perspectives.
    • Further Information: Detailed updates about these new segments will be released starting February 1st.

    New Format:

    • PowerSide CHAT™: This format replaces traditional keynotes, offering in-depth dialogues with notable personalities and interactive audience participation.
    • PowerLegacyTOWNHALL™: A new addition, where we'll foster inter-generational dialogue to encourage communication and mentoring, nurturing our future leaders.
    Your active participation is key to the success of PNEx2024. We aim to support your growth and influence, connecting you with over 1000 attendees. This year's conference promises to be a dynamic platform for showcasing expertise, fostering growth, and building meaningful connections. Please sign by Feb 12th, 2024


    You give us permission to utilize (replay and for retail) all video and audio recordings of your presentation(s) and interviews at no cost to FraserNet. Please fill out agreement by Feb. 14th, 2024:

    PowerNetworking™ Experience & Expo 2024 (PNEx24)

    Additional Benefits and Opportunities:

    • Introducing our ALL NEW Affiliate Program for easy participation and earnings. Sign up at Affiliate Registration Link.

    Affiliate Program Payout Levels:

    Ticket Class Regular Price Slash Price Retail Discount Final Retail Commission FraserNET Profit
    Student $795 $477.00 $152.64 $324.36 $64.87 $259.49
    Regular $1,467 $880.20 $281.66 $598.54 $119.71 $478.83
    VIP $2,567 $1,540.20 $492.86 $1,047.34 $209.47 $837.87
    Ultra VIP $4,576 $2,745.60 $878.59 $1,867.01 $373.40 $1,493.61

    Affiliate Program Payout Levels:

    Source You Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
    Commissions $20% 15% 10% 3%
    Earnings $119.71 $17.96 $1.80 $0.05

    Mentor Members Pre-Sales Program - 10 to WIN! Program:

    • Incentivized getaway prize for the mentor member with the most sales above 10 registrations. Winner get to choose between an exotic getaway to the Bahamas, Cancun Mexico, or St. John’s USVI (Time& Travel restrictions apply)

    PNEx24 Revenue Share Structure:

    • A structured revenue sharing system is in place:
    Sales YOUR Percentage FraserNET's Percentage
    $1K-39,999 65% 35%
    $40K-69,999 70% 30%
    $70K-99,999+ 75% 25%

    Special Notes:

    • Workshop payments made directly to FraserNET.
    • Your share wired within 48 hrs after the workshop.
    • Preliminary sales form to be submitted at PNEx24's end.
    • Special training for new PowerTalk format.

    Submission Requirements:

    • Upload all required assets and sign this form by Feb 14th:
      • High-resolution photo and updated 75-word bio.
      • Title for your workshop (10 words or less).
      • 40-word description of your presentation/workshop.
      • Product Description, Price of Package, and sales agreement.

    Expectations of Excellence:

    • Timely and excellent handling of sales, business, and customer follow-up is expected. Non-compliance with our “Policy of Excellence” may result in restrictions.

    Dr. George C. Fraser

    Founder & CEO, FraserNET, Inc.

    Feb 2, 2024

    Delano A. Johnson President,

    President of FraserNET, Inc.

    Feb 2, 2024