Steven Beaudoin Jr.

Certified” Relationship/Communication Coach

Steven “CoachBo” Beaudoin Jr., a certified relationship and communication coach, brings 25 years of experience in guiding couples through their relationship journeys. Based in Atlanta, GA, CoachBo emphasizes healthy, fulfilling, and rewarding relationships without the pressure of commercial success, thanks to his financially independent primary career. His private coaching practice, FaithfulNest, offers a blend of personal and virtual sessions, with a preference for in-person meetings initially to better understand his clients’ non-verbal cues.

Known for his engaging, humorous, and insightful coaching style, CoachBo maintains a deliberately small client roster, allowing him to invest deeply and meaningfully in each couple’s growth. His approach revolves around clarity, personal accountability, and providing couples with the tools and skills they need to eventually transition from active coaching to self-sustained maintenance. This unique coaching philosophy reflects his desire not just to create customers, but to foster successful relationships that stand the test of time.