Rev. Dr. Jamal Bryant

Pastor - Activist - Author

Rev. Dr. Jamal Bryant, a third-generation preacher and a titan in religious and social circles, serves as the Senior Pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church. Renowned for his eloquent oratory skills, Dr. Bryant has profoundly impacted both the pulpit and public discourse. He previously founded the Empowerment Temple AME Church in Baltimore, which saw unprecedented growth, reflecting his dynamic leadership and visionary approach to ministry. Beyond his pastoral duties, Dr. Bryant is a fervent advocate for social justice, contributing significantly to community upliftment through various initiatives and media engagements​.

Dr. Bryant’s educational background includes a Master of Divinity from Duke University and a doctorate from The Graduate Theological Foundation. His global influence is supplemented by his philanthropic efforts and motivational speaking, which resonate worldwide. His profound impact on religious and social spheres is underlined by his deep commitment to the teachings of Jesus Christ, aiming to foster personal growth, family stability, and community development among his followers and beyond.​