Percy “Master P” Miller

Entrepreneur, Music Icon & Record Executive

Percy Robert Miller Sr., known as Master P, is a multifaceted American icon in rap, entrepreneurship, and entertainment. Born on April 29, 1970, he founded No Limit Records in 1991, which later expanded into New No Limit Records and No Limit Forever Records. Master P’s career soared with his hip hop group TRU and his hit solo album “Ice Cream Man” in 1996, followed by the platinum-certified single “Make ‘Em Say Uhh!” in 1997.

Master P’s influence extends beyond music into a vast business empire. He leveraged the retail potential of the music industry early on, investing in a variety of sectors including real estate, film, and a range of retail businesses. His innovative approach to music marketing, characterized by guerrilla tactics and strategic branding, revolutionized the way music was sold and marketed. His business acumen is highlighted by his role in pioneering the practice of retaining a high percentage of sales from his records, an unusual move at the time that has inspired countless artists to seek similar deals.

His conglomerate, No Limit Enterprises, became a powerhouse, grossing $110 million in 1998. Miller’s ventures include a sports management agency, a travel agency, and more. He has also managed the careers of several artists and athletes, including his son Romeo Miller. With an estimated net worth that peaked significantly, Master P remains a significant figure in advocating for artist and business empowerment in the music industry.