Loretta Wetzel, widely known as Mama Soul Wisdom, is a highly regarded transformational speaker and distinguished authority in family dynamics, relationships, and entrepreneurship. With a fervent passion for empowering individuals to attain financial freedom through business ownership, Loretta is on a mission to impact the lives of 500,000 families, helping them establish their own businesses and begin wealth creation while building lasting legacies.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Loretta embodies a spirit of resilience and determination. From being a National 4-H youth champion to towering on an 8 story jumbotron billboard in New York Times Square as a contributing author to the Women Gone Wild: A Feminine Guide To Fearless Living Book series, she exemplifies the power of pushing boundaries and embracing new heights. When she’s not busy nurturing her various businesses as a serial entrepreneur, Loretta indulges her love for travel, exploring the globe alongside her husband Perran. Together, they co-created the transformative “We Do The Impossible” movement, inspiring the next generation of dreamers to pursue their ideas in the realms of STEMM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine). Leading by example, they are currently bidding to become the first African-American couple to embark on sub-orbital and orbital space travel, epitomizing the limitless possibilities that lie within reach.

Loretta Wetzel’s unique blend of wisdom, experience, and unyielding determination makes her an invaluable asset to those seeking to unlock their full potential. Through her time-tested and soulful approach, Loretta imparts old-school wisdom for a new generation, enabling individuals from all walks of life to embrace their biggest and best lives.