Len Burg has pioneered a unique, scientific form of psycho-spiritual coaching and consulting called Soul Therapy. It is a way of healing through consciousness, using Dis-Ease as medicine. It helps clients make breakthroughs — releasing suffering and upset that blocks hope, advancement, and healing of body/mind or relationships. 

His spiritual and holistic work has carried him from Harlem, NY— where he directed several community organizations — to Europe, Uganda East Africa, India, and South America, where he has organized and supported international initiatives. 

Mr. Burg is also a Certified Teacher of the basic principles of “Analytical Trilogy”, a novel, consciousness-raising form of healing that remedies psycho-socio pathology, accredited by the Keppe and Pacheco college in Sao Paulo and Cambuquira Brazil. Both Soul Therapy and Analytical Trilogy are complementary to and supportive of other alternative and conventional methods of healing that help people commit or transition to more well-being regimens and lifestyles. 

Mr. Burg graduated with distinction from New York’s Pace University, earning a B.A. in Psychology and Journalism, with a Certificate in Hands-on Project Management. 


  • BOOK: “The Dis-Ease is the Cure: a Better way to Mind Your Business 
  • “Profit by Consciousness of Spirituality in the Workplace”, in the bestselling book, “The Better Business Book, Volume 2″, published by Authors Unite, 2017