Julian Brittano (born June 7, 1978) from Newark, New Jersey is an American Actor, Inspirational Artist, Song Writer, Film Producer, Author, and single parent.  Julian is best known for landing in 2016 an acting role in the television series Greenleaf which airs on Oprah Winfrey Network TV (OWN).  Julian plays the actor David as a bartender for Oprah Winfrey in the show.  His humble charismatic personality shows forth in this role along with his sexy model image.  In five powerful words, Julian describes himself as a compassionate, relentless, intuitive, meek, and connected person whom believed that one day someone would recognize his talent. Julian constantly says that he is so grateful for the opportunity he has been given.  

“Julian Brittano was destined for greatness.”  

As a young Prodigy teenager he studied music and sports, such as the saxophone, bass guitar, piano, basketball, and football.  He attended Elizabeth High School, Elizabeth, NJ, and Linden High School, Linden, NJ.  As a gifted and talented student, in 1994 to 1996 he became All State.  In 1996 to 1998 he received a football scholarship to University of Maryland, MD.  There he studied psychology and in the year of 2000.  This over achiever was in search to find the big dipper in life.  He was in search for his purpose in life. 

He decided to pursue artistry in becoming an inspirational hip hop artist.  He began composing music, writing lyrics, and producing his own beats.  He was tapping into all of his gifts and talents.  In 2004, Julian had the opportunity to work with Mushiya Tshikuka, whom currently is a TV Reality Star on “Cutting It in The ATL” on WEtv. Finally, Julian found his path and decided to go after his purpose in life in an acting career.  Julian sought an acting role, and at that moment, he discovered his love for acting.  He is undoubtedly going to be a trailblazer in the media industry