John founded numerous lucrative businesses that he created from the ground up to be worth millions. In less than three years, he effectively grew a six-figure business to over $10 million! John is a visionary, the author of numerous best-selling books, and a mentor to young people and start-up businesses. He has created wealth for future generations to enjoy.

Mr. Smith had a humble beginning being born into poverty. After experiencing many failures and rejections, including ten years of civil war in his native country and a “near-miss” accident while doing a lowly job in the United States, he immigrated to the country. Mr. Smith is committed to achievement in spite of numerous setbacks.

John promotes hyper-growth, wealth attainment, and wealth management skills vital to creating a financial generational legacy for immigrants and higher achievers. John has a humble beginning; he has built businesses from scratch to multi-million dollars.

John has walked the talk, no theory but application only. His own personal results and achievement is a testimonials of the proven concepts he teaches. His online courses will navigate you through steps by step on how you can create your own success.