Dr. Olivia (Dr. O) West

International Psychologist, Licensed Professional Counselor

Dr. Olivia West, also known as Dr. O, is an International Psychologist, Licensed Professional Counselor, Coach, Diversity Equity and Inclusion advocate and consultant, and Author of From Dyslexia to Doctorate, a guide to achieving success despite life’s obstacles. She has traveled the world immersing herself in various countries and cultures, gaining a profound expertise in identifying unresolved trauma and uncovering negative beliefs that impede personal and professional growth. With over 15 years of experience, Dr. O has dedicated her career to social justice, educating and empowering individuals, families, leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals to unlock their full potential by addressing the deep- seated emotional barriers through mental health therapy and mindset shift coaching. Dr. O specializes in trauma resolution rooted in her belief that unresolved trauma can significantly impact one’s ability to thrive. She believes the process of transformation achieved by confronting and resolving past traumas can unlock potential and lead more fulfilling lives. However, one must trust the Power of the Process, despite what obstacles may arise. Outside of her professional pursuits, Dr. O is a foody, and enjoys dancing, and spending quality time with her family. Visit droliviawest.com or email olivia@droliviawest.com. Also, be sure to like, follow, and
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