Rev. Dr. Frederick Douglass Haynes III, is a prophetic pastor, passionate leader, social activist, eloquent orator, and educator engaged in preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, and fighting against racial injustice. Dr. Haynes is also committed to and has devoted his life to economic justice and empowerment in under-served communities and touching and transforming the lives of the disenfranchised. For the past 38 years, Dr. Haynes has served as a visionary and innovative senior pastor of Friendship-West Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas. Under his servant leadership, the ministry and membership of the church has grown from less than 100 members in 1983 to over 12,000. On November 10, 1960, Rev. Dr. Frederick D. Haynes, III was born in Dallas, TX to the late Rev. Frederick D. Haynes, Jr. and Lynetta Haynes-Oliver. After experiencing racism in the segregated south Dr. Haynes’ father decided it was best to move his family to San Francisco where his father, Dr. Frederick D. Haynes Sr., pastored the historic Third Baptist Church. In San Francisco, both Dr. Haynes’ father and grandfather led ministries that were socially conscious and active in the community. At the age of 14, Dr. Haynes’ life took a drastic turn when his father passed away on his first day of high school. Following his father’s death, Haynes encountered many difficulties but with the help of mentors, his family, and God, he was able to overcome every obstacle.

Despite being discouraged by a teacher’s negative assessment of his academic ability, he was one of three valedictory speakers when he graduated from Abraham Lincoln High School in San Francisco. Dr. Haynes continued his education at Bishop College, an HBCU which was formerly located on the campus where Paul Quinn College now resides. While a student at Bishop College, he also became a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. and in 1982, earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religion and English. Dr. Haynes also earned a Master of Divinity degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary as well as a Doctor of Ministry degree from the Graduate Theological Foundation where he was afforded the opportunity to study at Christ Church, Oxford University in England. Dr. Haynes is currently pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy degree in African American Preaching and Sacred Rhetoric. He also serves in the academic arena, having taught college courses, seminars, and workshops at Paul Quinn College, Texas Christian University, McCormick Theological Seminary, New Brunswick Theological Seminary, and other institutions of higher learning.

In 1983, Dr. Haynes accepted the call to become Senior Pastor of Friendship-West Baptist Church. Since then the church has grown numerically and in ministry to the Dallas community and around the world. Under Dr. Haynes’ leadership, Friendship-West has moved three times in order to accommodate its growth. When Friendship-West moved to its Kiest location, it moved to a community characterized by crime and violence. Dr. Haynes led Friendship-West to work with local officials and neighborhood groups in such a way that the community experienced a decrease in the crime rate. In addition, the neighborhood association was organized and headquartered at Friendship-West. Many city services also moved to that area which had been historically neglected and underserved. As a result, the community was transformed.