Born in Philadelphia and has lived in multiple places across the world trying to find herself and escape the realities of life, Diana is no stranger to hardship and trauma. She prides herself on being on a life journey of self-improvement and development and decided to use her experiences to help other women. She created the Empowered Women Empower™, which helps women move beyond their past trauma, obstacles, and self-doubt to step into their greatness, and purpose and become whole. She hosts women’s events, speaking engagements, and virtual coaching to women of all facets of life. Through her own trials and tribulations, Diana began to recognize her own power and beauty within and wanted to act on her desire to continue to be a vessel to women. Armed with ambition and an entrepreneurial mindset, Diana launched Bronzed GLO Beauty, the first-of-its-kind luxury organic cosmetics brand, already in multiple beauty retailers, inspired and eternally motivated by her late grandmother, Gloria (Glo) Johnson. The brand mission is to elevate, enable and empower confidence in people around the world through products that empower both inward and external beauty. 

An expert in women’s empowerment and business, Diana is committed to helping other women reach their full potential. Through her work, Diana helped women discover their power and greatness, providing the tools, resources, and networks they needed to succeed.

Diana has a Bachelor’s in Communications and a Master’s in Business Administration and is the author of “Transformation: Finding Greater Purpose With Self-Knowledge.”