While others were shutting down, Rashida’s online eCommerce sales skyrocketed using the same methods that she will teach you. She shares her insider secrets to position you to get people ready to pay you on autopilot. 

“Rashida is an eCommerce sales Queen. She knows that space and ownes it…It’s one of  the many domains where she reighns!”

Dr. George C. Fraser

Proving that it is possible to juggle being a mom + home-schooling, build wealth, and protect your private life, Dr. Mendes runs an eCommerce company selling thousands of products all over the world with others doing most of the work. Having touched over $2 billion in capital to help companies grow, her expertise in internet marketing helps you launch products with a signature method that earns 6 Figures within their first year. Dr. Mendes has honed her skills in business finance through her work at The White House and Executive positions in the Fortune 100 such as New York Life and JP Morgan. She holds an MBA in Finance from Columbia Business School and is a successful entrepreneur.