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Important PowerCoach™ meeting – 7 pm Saturday, May 16, 2024

    Dear PowerCoach™,

    Congratulations, you made the cut! Welcome to our 23rd Annual PowerNetworking™ Experience & Expo (PNEx2024), set to take place from July 10-13 at the Charlotte Convention Center, with the Westin Hotel as our host hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina. This is an invitation to be a member of our 2024 Faculty.

    As part of our mission to Earn, Learn, and Return, we at PNEx2024 are honored you are serving our people on your time and dime in a loving, giving, and value-added way. We are here to serve, edify, and uplift you and your brand. Our main goal is to help you increase your business and build your reputation. To that end, FraserNet has invested over $500,000 to bring 1000+ people to hear and experience your important message, products, and services.

    Early Challenges but Overcoming:

    Overcoming DEI Fallout: Although we've faced sponsorship challenges due to DEI fallout, we remain committed to investing in PNEx2024 to ensure it attracts attendees who need your expertise.

    We respectfully and with love ask that you rigidly adhere to the following policies below:



    • 1. All PowerCoaches are expected to handle all their own hotel, air, & food expenses.
    • 2. TEAMWORK MAKES PNEx WORK: Please consider this a “Family Reunion where everybody brings something to the table.” As a vital “revenue generating” PowerMentor, your role is crucial in ensuring the success of the PNEx event by actively participating in our new and robust “10 to WIN Registration Drive.” This initiative is designed to fill our sessions with enthusiastic participants who are eager to learn and grow. To facilitate this, we invite you to join our affiliate program where you can significantly benefit from each registration processed through your unique link. This is an excellent opportunity to earn while you contribute to filling the event with the right attendees. CLICK HERE TO JOIN.
    • For every four registrations you sell over the required ten, not only will you earn your commission, but we also reward you with a free hotel night, ensuring that your commitment is recognized and valued. This approach underlines our philosophy that working together propels us all towards greater success.


    • 3. You give us permission to utilize (replay and for retail) all video and audio recordings of your sessions at no cost to FraserNet.
    • 4. Documentation Requirements:
      • - Signed agreement
      • - Hi-Res Photo and Updated 75-word narrative bio
      • - A “proper title” for your Coaching area of expertise (10 words or less)
      • - A 40 words or less description of your service
      • - A copy of your “product description” pricing and coaching agreement.

    OUR NEW AFFILIATE PROGRAM - 10 to WIN Registration Drive

    Replacing our old coupon code system, we now have a full functional robust affiliate program with three tiers for payout to you, your referrals, and their referrals. You get 20% of all your sales. See the commission table below.

    Affiliate Payout Tiers

    Source You Tier 1 Tier 2
    Commissions on $598.94 20% 10% 3%
    Earnings $119.71 $59.85 $17.96

    PNEx 2024 Products

    Ticket Class Regular Price House 40% OFF 32% OFF Affiliate Code Final Sale Your Commission FraserNET Profit
    2 Day Pass $619 $371.40 $118.85 $252.55 $83.34 $169.21
    Student $795 $477.00 $152.64 $324.36 $107.04 $259.49
    Regular $1,467 $880.20 $281.66 $598.54 $197.52 $478.83
    VIP $2,567 $1,540.20 $492.86 $1,047.34 $345.62 $837.87
    Ultra VIP $4,576 $2,745.60 $878.59 $1,867.01 $616.11 $1,493.61


    5. We expect you to handle all your sales, business, and customer follow-up in a timely and excellent way. Any infraction of our “Policy of Excellence” will result in a “no return” embargo on the coach for a minimum of 2 years. Our goal: Black Excellence 2.0.


    • All PowerCoaches must secure the "10 to WIN" registration by May 20.
    • All PowerCoaches will be given a special affiliate code for their registrations.
    • All PowerCoaches must attend a minimum of two trainings to prepare for the PNEx event.
    • POST THE EVENT: For quality control purposes, a database of names, phone numbers, and email along with the product and amount sold must be submitted.
    This list MUST BE SUBMITTED VIA EMAIL to Delano A. Johnson at delanojohnson@frasernet.com by 9:00pm, Monday, July 15, 2024.

    Thank you so much for your quick response. If you have questions, email or call Delano A. Johnson at delanojohnson@frasernet.com.

    Dr. George C. Fraser

    Founder & Chairman, FraserNET, Inc.

    March 28th, 2024

    Delano A. Johnson,

    President of FraserNET, Inc.

    March 28th, 2024